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"Is it possible for any athlete to transform their technique and run faster while eliminating runner related injuries!  Join The RunRite Revolution! Find out how much you can improve and win our transformation challenge! "
Zig Ziegler - The Sports Kinesiologist

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This is the perfect challenge for any athlete to showcase or improve their technique to 

This competition is open to participants virtually or in person. 

You don't have to be the biggest, strongest or fastest. Our competition rewards athletes for transforming their technique so to run injury free.  


To win, all you have to do is run with good technique for 60 seconds and improve your personal best time from the last 12 months. 

  • 30% of your score is how far you run in 60 seconds on a   self-powered treadmill.

  • 30% of your score based on a grade of your runner technique or efficiency

  • 40% of your score is the percentage of improvement you make in your race or event

The RunRite Transformation Challenge is the only competition guaranteed to give you the opportunity to perform exercises unique to you and rewards you based on improving your body's ability to run!


Every participant will receive unlimited access to their own individualized  exercises and drills to do at home or your gym!

Customized exercise programs includes video instruction on how to perform the unique drills and exercises recommended which are guaranteed to improve the physical performance factors preventing each individual athlete from running 20% faster including...

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Emotional & Mental Clarity

  • Pre-Race / Pre Event Preparation

  • Race Strategy

  • Strength & Flexibility Routines

  • Reducing the Risk, Recovering From, and Eliminating Track & Field Related Injuries

  • After the Challenge:

    • ​Do What It Takes to Continue Transforming and Improving!

  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Recovery Recommendations

  • Pre-season, In-Season & Post Season Strategies

Now taking reservations for our upcoming Runner Transformation Challenge

October 1, 2024

(Meets "in person" or virtually 1x/week for 8 weeks!)

What People Are Saying...

 I had chronic ankle injuries in college and I discovered why the symptom always came back. The RunRite System tells me what I need to do to improve my running technique and prevent injuries! " 

Teddy Lampkin - Former Collegiate Long jumper

"It nailed my weaknesses. I cut 2/10ths of a second off my 20 yard dash in less than 10 days and my booty has lifted from doing the exercises it gave me..." 

Annie Burlingham- Pole Vaulter


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"I've known my body had an imbalance. There is no other tool out there that looks at the kinesiology of how you run.  We use power in cycling, but this is a great tool that could transform a runner's training programs."
Amanda "Doc" Stevens
(US 70.3 Triathlon Champion)
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"Our daughter improved her personal best from 13.67 to 13.22 in less than 4 weeks. As far as we are concerned, she will keep doing this program until she earns a college scholarship."

Parents- Sydney K. - Plano, TX

"The RunRite program has done so much for my sons. In particular, it has not only helped them run faster and avoid injuries.I  'm more impressed with their increased self-confidence and accountability.  As for performances, Drew was having injuries before starting that almost ended his senior year.

Thanks to the RunRite Transformation Challenge, Drew got healthy quickly and made it to the state meet.   Drake dropped from 2:11 to 1:59 3 in the 800 his junior year in his first 4 months and now as a senior he has already had PRs in the 200, 400 and 800 including running 155.82 in the 800M!"

Parents- Drake and Drew S. - Phoenix, AZ

"As high school coaches, we can only do so much in the limited amount of time we have with the number of athletes in our programs.  Having a service like RunRite which really focuses on the individual needs of each kid is a huge asset. I recommend every athlete and other coaches get on board or get left behind. "

Coach Jeff Jackson -

JPII HS Head Track & Field Coach

"RunRite is extremely beneficial to each girl on our team.  I highly recommend this program for every team and athlete in any sport! "

Coach Kristi Robbins -

St. Agnes HS Head Track & Field Coach

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The RunRite Challenge - it's not just for elite athletes

“I’m in my first year of training for a marathon. I thought I couldn’t run due to a history of knee problems. But since less than a week after my analysis, I’ve been able to run up to 10 miles a day with no knee or foot pain for over 3 months.”     

Cindy K. - Age: 36 - Scottsdale, AZ

“I went from 8:16 mile pace in my last marathon to 7:29 pace less than 6 weeks after starting the RunRite Challenge.   I was afraid to run fast in training because of chronic injuries.  But after the first 10 days of doing my exercises my body felt amazing with no signs of Achilles pain while running!”  

Victor V. - Age: 47 - Mesa, AZ

“This is the most advanced analysis I have ever seen for a runner.  Less than 2 weeks after my analysis I cut over 6 minutes off my 8K personal best!”  

Eric P. - Age: 43 - Phoenix, AZ


Each participant in our Transformation Challenge will discover...

  • How to Identify and Analyze Your Individual Runner Biomechanics

  • How to Impact Your Eight Physical Performance Factors 

  • An Understanding Runner Kinesiology and How to Impact Your Own

  • How to Use the RunRite System 

    • How to Read Your RunRite Reports and Interpret RunRite data

  • How to Identify Your Individual Flaws in Runner Technique

  • Identifying the Root Cause of Your Runner Related Injuries and Technique Flaws

  • How to Run Up to 20% Faster in Less than 10 Weeks​

  • How to Refine Your Runner Biomechanics and Technique

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Athletes and coaches may attend a virtual orientation and introduction to discover if you are right for our program and if our program is right for you

Register  as an In Person Participant and Receive a Pre & Post  RunRite Assessment!

Reserve My Spot






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Enroll Now

Early Registration Fee: 397 
( Regular Price $497))

​HYBRID "IN-PERSON" ASSESSMENT WITH VIRTUAL COACHING Each "HYBRID" participant receives an "in person" pre and post challenge RunRite Assessment to establish a baseline score and measure their improvement. We'll grade your runner technique, assessing your... This program is perfect for the runner who desires to work on their own after receiving their RunRite Assessment! Participants receive... Two (2) RunRite Assessments - Pre and Post "In Person" (a $250 Value) One Foot Pressure and Foot Fitness Assessment ($75 Value) One (1) "In Shoe" Foot & Lower Leg Muscle Activation Kit (a $95 Value) One (1) RunRite Revolution Shirt One (1)  Eight (8) Week Customized "Runner Specific Strength & Corrective Exercise" Program (a $350 Value)  which includes individualized... Running Drills Strength Training Stretches Plyometric Exercises Corrective Exercises Participants will attend 8 weekly virtual coaching sessions led by The RunRiteTransformation Challenge host Zig Ziegler-The Sports Kinesiologist



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Enroll Now

Early Registration Fee: $797 
( Regular Price $897)

"IN PERSON PARTICIPANTS SHALL RECEIVE... Two (2) RunRite Assessments - Pre and Post "In Person" (a $250 Value) One Foot Pressure and Foot Fitness Assessment ($75 Value) One "In Shoe" Foot & Lower Leg Muscle Activation Kit (a $95 Value) Eight (8) "In Person" Coaching Sessions (additional sessions available) One RunRite Revolution Event Shirt One (1)  Eight (8) Week Customized "Runner Specific Strength & Corrective Exercise" Program which includes individualized... ​Running Drills Strength Training Stretches Plyometric Exercises Corrective Exercises


Option #3

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Enroll Now

Fee: $297
( Regular Price $397)

100% VIRTUAL PARTICIPANT WITH RUNRITE SYSTEM... ​ Each Virtual Participant receives their own person RunRite System: The first and only wearable system which combines video and sensors capable of monitoring your... ​Full Range of Motion in All 3 Planes of Motion Strength and Power of Both Legs or Arms Runner Posture (pelvis/torso) or any combination Predicted Race Improvement Includes... -One (1) RunRite System with two sensors -Customized Virtual Corrective Exercise Programs -Eight (8) Weekly Virtual Coachings Sessions Participants will use The RunRite System daily or weekly to measure progress of Individual runner technique, Individual Muscles Kinesiology and Biomechanics for each step you take on the field, track, court, or anywhere. ​ Participants will also attend weekly "live" virtual sessions on The RunRite Challenge hosted by Zig Ziegler-The Sports Kinesiologist


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