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Increase Average Jump Height

by up to 7 Inches 

Increase Hitting Power & Blocking Ability

Increase Overall Strength & Flexibility

Reduce Risk of Knee & Ankle Injuries

Improve Footwork & Quickness

Enhance Volleyball Skills

Our Motion DNA 3D Volleyball Workshops players include our Motion DNA 3D assessment which involves using our proprietary software and motion capture technology to record and analyze an athlete's vertical jump in three dimensions. This is done using video capture combined with multiple motion capture sensors..

The goal of our Motion DNA 3D Volleyball Workshops is to help athletes identify and correct any flaws or inefficiencies in their jumping technique that may be limiting their vertical leap or causing them to struggle with power and explosiveness.


By analyzing the jump with our 3D wearable technology, we are able to view data and results from multiple angles.  And in real-time, coaches and trainers are able to get a more comprehensive view of an athlete's jumping technique and offer specific, targeted advice for improvement.

There are many benefits to using 3D vertical leap analysis, including:

  • Identifying and correcting specific jumping faults or areas of weakness

  • Improving power and explosiveness by optimizing jumping technique

  • Providing visual feedback and comparison to ideal jumping models

  • Assessing the impact of equipment changes or modifications

  • Helping to prevent or reduce the risk of injuries by identifying jumping patterns that may be causing unnecessary strain on the body

Overall, Motion DNA 3D Volleyball Workshops can be an extremely valuable tool for athletes looking to improve their jumping ability and take their athletic performance to the next level.

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