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What People Are Saying...

 I had chronic ankle injuries in college and I discovered why the symptom always came back. The RunRite System tells me what I need to do to improve my running technique and prevent injuries! " 

Teddy Lampkin - Former Collegiate Long jumper

"It nailed my weaknesses. I cut 2/10ths of a second off my 20 yard dash in less than 10 days and my booty has lifted from doing the exercises it gave me..." 

Annie Burlingham- Pole Vaulter

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"I've known my body had an imbalance. There is no other tool out there that looks at the kinesiology of how you run.  We use power in cycling, but this is a great tool that could transform a runner's training programs."
Amanda "Doc" Stevens
(US 70.3 Triathlon Champion)



Numerous youth and adult athletes benefit from Motion DNA assessments


After numerous expensive and time-consuming visits to doctor’s offices where she was recommended new shoes, orthotics, laying off running, and many other therapies, a high school recreational distance runner arrived at our office still complaining of chronic stress fractures.

Based upon the objective data from her 3D biomechanical analysis, our founders concluded that not one of the many recommendations she had received were going to correct the cause of her stress fractures.

Three basic exercises were recommended to the athlete to do at home for a period of two weeks.  Her pain immediately subsided. Ever since (for over two years now), the athlete has not experienced another stress fracture and she continues to increase her mileage: she currently runs over 50 miles a week.

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