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The RunRite Challenge

100% Virtual Registration

including your own RunRite System

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Limited Early Bird Registration Fee:

(Regular Price $997)

​Each Virtual RunRite Challenge participant receives their own personal wearable RunRite System.  


The RunRite System is the first and only wearable system which combines video and sensors capable of monitoring your...

  • ​Full Range of Motion in all 3 Planes of Motion

  • Strength and Power of Both Legs or Arms

  • Runner Posture (pelvis/torso/arms/legs) or any combination

  • Predicted Race Improvement


Registration includes...

  • One (1) RunRite System with two sensors

  • Customized Virtual Corrective Exercise Programs

  • Participants will use The RunRite System daily or weekly to measure progress of...

    • Individual runner technique & efficiency

    • Individual Muscles Kinesiology & Biomechanics

      • Measuring each step you take anywhere. ​

Participants will also attend weekly "live" virtual sessions on The RunRite Challenge hosted by Zig Ziegler-The Sports Kinesiologist

Yes, I am ready to Join the RunRite Revolution!

Thanks for registering to join The RunRite Revolution and participate in The RunRite Challenge virtually

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