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Don't spend another day or dollar attending generic, one size fits all workout programs claiming to be grounded in science, attending sports camps, or doing workouts meant for someone else!



  • Our programs for athletes teach athletes how to self diagnose your biomechanics with 3D motion capture technology. 

  • Then transform your body's ability to achieve performances only available to you as an individual athlete!


  • Our programs for coaches assist coaches in discovering how to cause any athlete to achieve their maximum potential and how to continue maximizing their body's ability to run faster and farther, jump higher and farther than other programs for runners! 

As a result,  most athletes in our program improves their performance by up to 20% while reducing your risk of injuries by up to 50% within the first 8 weeks!

Our assessments is driven by actual data from your body to let us know exactly which muscles you need to stretch, strengthen, or rest.  


What it takes for acceptance into RunRite's Athlete Optimization program

Athlete must be...

  • At least 12 years old.

  • Ready for Maximum Results!

  • Willingness to Do the Homework It Takes for Optimization!

  • Ability to pause other "strength/running/training" programs or for their coaches to work with us on your optimization.

  • Commitment!

Ready to maximize up your running game?

Once our technology identifies the exact areas of an athlete's body to improve, we instruct athletes on exactly "how to" perform drills and exercises which are guaranteed to improve the physical performance factors preventing each individual athlete by an average of 20% including...


  • Balance & Coordination

  • Pre-Race / Pre Event Preparation

  • Competition Strategy

  • Upper & Lower Body Strength & Flexibility

  • Reducing the Risk, Recovering From, and Eliminating Individual Athlete Related Injuries

  • After the Program: What It Takes to Continue Transforming and Improving!

  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Recovery

  • Emotional & Mental Clarity

  • Pre-season, In-Season & Post Season Strategies

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.41.10 AM.png

Is our Runner Optimization program right for you?

The benefits...

AS Foot.jpg

As a participant in our Runner or Coach Optimization program, you will...

  • Improve your performance by up to 20% in less than 30 days in any event or sport!

  • Reduce your risk of runner or athlete related injuries!

  • Increase High School Team/College Scholarship Opportunities!

  • Discover how to cause any athlete to run up to 20% faster and eliminate the root cause of an runner's injuries. 


RunRite System-The Indoor Track

Pre-Program Assessments: 

Pre-Transformation Program Evaluations: 

All athletes accepted into our Athlete Optimization programs are required schedule a pre program audit of your individual biomechanics.  We don't guess at what you need to do to transform. We measure! 

Our certified and trained Runner Optimization coaches  will utilize our proprietary technology to identify the physical strengths and weaknesses impacting your athletic ability including...

After the Assessment

Athletes who meet our criteria may be invited to register for one of our transformation programs featuring...

  • Up to 16 hours of optimization coaching

  • Attendance at Two (2) In person Sessions per Week

    • In Person or Virtual Coaching Sessions

  • One (1) Program Shirt

  • Pre & Post RunRite  Assessment

  • Individualized Exercises and Drills to Improve Individual Performances for Any Sport

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