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Products to Improve Your Runner Performances and Reduce Your Risk of Runner Related Injuries

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Non-Orthotics Insoles for Improving Foot Function

​Our Fitness from the Ground Up program gives you access to Barefoot Science's Arch Activation and Foot Strengthening Insoles are the "ONLY IN SHOE SYSTEM" which stimulates the muscles of your foot to increase function impacting your entire body. Benefits include...

Increased Lower Leg Strength

330% Increase in Hamstring & Glute Activation

A 22% Increase in Endurance

96% Reduction in Pain & Injury

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Wearable Technology for Improving Sports Performance

The RunRite System is the first and only wearable system which combines video and sensors for both legs, arms, runner posture (pelvis/torso) to conduct a real time analysis of Individual runner technique, Kinesiology and Biomechanics of each step a runner takes on the field, track, court, anywhere including ...
Pounds of Force
Range of Motion
Muscle Imbalances
And Much More..

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