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Sports - especially high impact sports such as running - can cause huge problems for the feet. The pain may not stop there though, for the shock can radiate through the body and cause problems with the ankles, knees, hips and even the lower back. 

Barefoot Science’s Active Insole’s 6 progressive strengthening insets are designed to enhance your performance and establish fitness from the ground up. Our insoles also help prevent injury when exercising by strengthening your foot’s muscles so that they may be a self supporting and stabilized structure. 

Our Active Insoles nearly eliminate the risk of turning your ankle whether you’re out on the field or in the court. With all high impact sports and activities, it is important to consider that every time you bring your foot down to the ground, you are risking damaging the ligaments, tendons and muscles. 

Barefoot Science not only reduces the stress an athlete’s body undergoes, but enhances their overall performance.

Women's Barefoot Science Insole - Active Full Length

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