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RunRite Indoor Track & Field Centers host ITFL Events!

Our indoor track and field event meets are held at a RunRite Running, Track & Field Events Training Centers.  

To meet the needs of athletes in local communities, the RunRite's facilities provide opportunities for league competition, individual and club team practice sessions all year round.    

RunRite's locations range in size from 7,500 square feet to 50,000 square feet and may be independently owned and operate by licensees and affiliates. 

All facilities utilize RunRite's motion capture biomechanics and timing sensors to monitor each individual athlete's  performances and reduce risk of injuries

In addition corporate owned satellite locations, the RunRite invites individuals with a passion for running or track and field to license the rights to own and operate satellite training centers as well as youth to professional track and field club teams in designated territories around the country.  For more information click the button.


To Inquire about licensing opportunities in your area:  Contact Us.

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