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"After a few weeks my feet felt stronger and for the first time ever I could see a small arch under my foot. and I am now working out in a shoe with far less support than before. It feels great!"    

--Wendy O Neill

"I am very grateful to you all for developing this program. Thank God No more pain. Thank you guys. I am passing this info to many others. The arches on my feet were collapsing. A pain I don't wish on anyone. Your program restored my arches to normal."

     --Roberta Henderson 

"Programs focusing on the strengthening and rehabilitation of the foot make the most sense. These insoles are ultra-light weight, flexible and come in full and ¾ length. This program makes sense for not only minimalist runners but for the entire shoe wearing population. "

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

"I have been using this program for myself, my own family, and my patients for over 6 years.  Everyone who we have plaed in the program has had success, many feeling relief almost instantly within 15 minutes! I highly recommend the program for anyone with feet!"

--Dr. Steve Hruby


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