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Athletes and sports organizations have a responsibility insure the quality of the product they put on the field or court.  By utilizing Z Athlete Factory's Motion DNA technology. we have the ability to collect and store the data on any athlete’s sports motions while they are healthy when swinging, throwing, shooting, or running at their best or improve their performance by identifying compensations in their motions.


We began testing early versions of our 3D Motion DNA technology in 1999.   Initially we spent time developing the system for analyzing golfers.  In addition, in the early years, we analyzed the individual biomechanics of hundreds of amateur, collegiate and professional athletes in numerous sports.  Our first athlete outside of swing and throwing sports was former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin.  The former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver was one of many professional and collegiate and professional athletes who benefitted from our early phase RunRite System during our research phase! 


Our founder, Zig Ziegler and his team of engineers, physical therapists, and sports performance coaches coined and trademarked the term "Motion DNA".  The concept refers to a unique signature identified in biomechanics data from motion capture software and hardware technology which measures physical motion down 1/10 of a degree and 1/1000th of a second. 

We are practitioners not researchers!


Instead of collecting data and writing research, our team of sports kinesiologists collected data, analyzed the results, recommended solutions and monitored the results of over 100,000 athletes from age 7 to 88. 

By serving as practitioners rather than researchers, the results allowed us to answer important questions about athlete technique, biomechanics, posture, muscular strength and endurance, the repetitive stresses of sports motions, cardiovascular endurance, and more.

Z Athlete Factory's team of Kinesiologists and biomechanics consultants are capable of completing analysis of any sports motion.  The amateur or professional athlete can track the repeatability of a specific skill, total flexibility, strength, endurance, sport-specific speed and range of motion over time.  Comparisons of the results of multiple assessments can be made to each motion, normative data tables and those of elite or professional athletes. 

Z Athlete Factory's services are available to teams and individuals involved in high school, colleges and universities, recreational, and professional sports.

Results Speak for Themselves


Improve 40 yard Dash! - For real!!!!

Anquan's assessment showed where he was losing almost 3/10 of a second in the first 20 yards of  his 40 yard dash and placing over 70% more stress on his right knee and right leg hamstrings.  Addressing the issues cut 2/10 off his 20 yard dash...all in less than 2 weeks.

Our assessments for basketball players gives athletes the insight to improving every aspects of an athletes game by identifies the areas of each players body which impacts jumping, shooting percentages, and on the court endurance,  improved fitness or prevention of ACL, Achilles, & other  player related injuries.

"The body, the game. It's all mechanics. If your ankle is off, it can throw you knee off. If your knee is off it can throw your back off. ... All these can throw your shot off. . 
Shaquille O'Neal  - Future NBA All of Game Center

Mets seek Ziegler's opinion on Santana Trade

Before trading Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins, the New York Mets consulted with Zig Ziegler to establish his long term potential health.  After 3D evaluation of Santana’s mechanics,


Zig was able safely to recommend the trade without concern of potential injury to Santana – obviously, provided there were no dramatic changes in his mechanics.

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MLB Star Ryan Howard find his swing groove with Motion DNA Testing!

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After his biomechanical Analysis, MLB star Ryan Howard was able to pinpoint issues in his swing causing slumps in his hitting performance. Howard went out less than four hours after his analysis and played in a game where he hit a homerun. Howard went on a tear and hit an additional 46 homeruns following his analysis.

“I am appreciative of what Zig did to help me find the answers to problems in my swing,” Ryan Howard-Philadelphia Phillies

Diamondbacks, Whitesox, and other MLB Scouts  call on Ziegler to assist with pre draft scouting based upon his Motion DNA technology!

Prior to the MLB Amateur Draft from 2003 to 2012, over a dozen MLB teams  requested a biomechanical evaluation of top prospects for their top draft picks.  Scouts typically like or dislike potential draft picks for various reasons.

The Motion DNA biomechanical analysis confirms objectively the opinions of many of those scouts including risk of Tommy John injury/surgery.


Additionally, a particular prospect passed over by the one major league team, but drafted as the number one pick of another, later suffered injuries to his pitching arm in exactly the manner predicted by his 3D Analysis conducted by Zig Ziegler.


Canadian Olympian & NPF Pitcher returns from broken leg thanks to Ziegler


Fastpitch Softball

For over three years, Big 12 & Oklahoma State University Player of the Year and Canadian Olympian and Pro Fastpitch star Lauren Bay was forced to wear a heavy metal brace on her ankle.


Our founder, Zig Ziegler, identified weaknesses in Lauren’s body caused her to repeatedly place excessive stress in her lower leg cause stress fractures on several occasions. The brace affected Lauren’s control and velocity.  After her initial analysis and completion of a six week training program, Lauren was able to throw “pain free” without the brace and regained pitching velocity to almost 70 MPH.

“I am thankful for my long term health - thanks to Zig and his services,” Lauren Bay, 2008 Canadian Olympian

Numerous youth and adult athletes benefit from Motion DNA assessments


After numerous expensive and time-consuming visits to doctor’s offices where she was recommended new shoes, orthotics, laying off running, and many other therapies, a high school recreational distance runner arrived at our office still complaining of chronic stress fractures.

Based upon the objective data from her 3D biomechanical analysis, our founders concluded that not one of the many recommendations she had received were going to correct the cause of her stress fractures.

Three basic exercises were recommended to the athlete to do at home for a period of two weeks.  Her pain immediately subsided. Ever since (for over two years now), the athlete has not experienced another stress fracture and she continues to increase her mileage: she currently runs over 50 miles a week.

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What People Are Saying...

  I had chronic ankle injuries in college and I discovered why the symptom always came back. The RunRite System tells me what I need to do to improve my running technique and prevent injuries! "  

Teddy Lampkin - Former Collegiate Long jumper

"It nailed my weaknesses. I cut 2/10ths of a second off my 20 yard dash in less than 10 days and my booty has lifted from doing the exercises it gave me..." 

Annie Burlingham- Pole Vaulter

doc stevens quote.jpg
"I've known my body had an imbalance. There is no other tool out there that looks at the kinesiology of how you run.  We use power in cycling, but this is a great tool that could transform a runner's training programs."
Amanda "Doc" Stevens
(US 70.3 Triathlon Champion)
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