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Future Campus

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Z Athlete Factory is currently in the process of finalizing plans for the design and construction of its national production and special events headquarters


Plans for the 200 plus acre sports complex feature a 250,000 square foot RunRite Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field Center featuring a 200 meter banked track, 400 meter flat track and server as home to the Indoor Track & Field League

The campus will include a one mile loop and an adjacent 10K cross-country running course with a one mile straight stretch of turf -the future home of the course for the Z Athlete Factory's annual Fastest 1 Mile Race in the World!

The campus will also feature...

  • Indoor and outdoor turf sports fields

  • Indoor basketball and volleyball courts

  • 20,000 square foot sports performance & Injury Prevention Center 

  • 3D Biomechanics lab

  •  Sports medicine/recovery center

  • Z Athlete Village with dorms cafeteria and a boutique hotel. 

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