"...Building Athletes From the Ground Up!" 

Fitness 4 Your Feet 

Level Two Professional Provider & Certification

(16 Hours) 

Certified Coaches receive….​​

  • Online Coaching Seminar Access

    • Discussion of Foot Anatomy and Kinesiology 

      • Evaluating Foot Posture and The Causes

      • The True Purpose and Function of the Feet

      • The Impact of Improving Foot Function

    • Introduction to Foot Pathologies

      • Injuries of the feet

      • Prevention​

      • Identification and Treatment of the Root Cause

    • Manual Foot Screening

      • Foot Posture - Static and Dynamic

      • The Impact of Pronation, Supination, Mid/Forefoot & Heel StrikingFoot Function

    • Understanding the Benefits of Improving Foot Posture and Function

    • Understanding How the Feet Impact the Entire Body From the Ground Up

      • How to Identify the Root Cause of Foot Pain and Injury

      • How to Treat the Root Cause of Pain and Injury in the Body Related to the Feet

      • Evaluating Foot Posture and The Causes

      • The True Purpose and Function of the Feet

      • How to Improve Foot Posture and Function

  • One Case (24 pairs) Barefoot Science Non-Orthotic Insoles (Initial Order)

  • One (1) Barefoot Science Foot Pressure Plate for Foot Fitness Screening

    • Software Operation and Interpretation Training

      • Interpreting Weight Distribution

      • Interpreting Center of Pressure

      • Identifying and Measuring Pronation/Supination

      • Identifying Pressure Points and the Meaning

        • Mid-Foot

        • Forefoot

        • Heel

        • Medial/Lateral

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  • Your Certification includes Membership to Fitness from the Ground Up Academy for Coaches to include online coaching and access to our private members only area. View educational videos, and more to assist you in discovering how to achieve a breakthrough in health, fitness, and sports performance.