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Athlete Factory!

We're thrilled to introduce our ground-breaking technology, Motion DNA testing and our RunRite A.I. system, created to help athletes run 20% faster & eliminate the root cause of injuries in less than 10 weeks! 

Our team consists of passionate runners and coaches, who understand the importance of staying healthy and injury-free.


With our technology and educational programs we offer a truly personalized approach to athlete sports performance, based on a deep diagnosis of each athletes' body's unique physical biomechanics and kinesiology.

About Z Athlete Factory 

Z ATHLETE FACTORY developed its Motion DNA 6DOF Ai Technology to identify the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, limitations, & compensations of athletes in our program which give us the ability to predict the results each individual athlete achieves!


Our programs help assist athletes and coaches in optimizing how their body functions in an effort to achieve maximum results in individual performances while eliminating the root cause of a specific injuries.  Our team specializes in performing kinesiology assessments using our proprietary 6-DOF motion capture technology, combined with an extensive background in sports Kinesiology. Over the past 31 years, the journey has given us an opportunity to develop working relationships with over three dozen professional sports teams, hundreds of collegiate teams, and over 100,000 athletes. 


We work with individual athletes as well as private school, public school, and club coaches as well as health and wellness professional to discover what it takes for their athletes to run faster and eliminate their risk of runner related injuries!

Our program is one leg on the journey for athletes, parents, coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, sports performance coaches, & more to discover how to achieve physical performance breakthroughs unique to each individual athlete!

Z Athlete Factory's mission is to address the unique compensations of each athlete with objective assessments, workshops, courses and entertaining content on social media, broadcast radio, and broadcast or streaming television shows.


Our 6-DOF assessments for basketball players gives athletes the insight to improving every aspects of an athletes game by identifies the areas of each players body which impacts jumping, shooting percentages, and on the court endurance,  improved fitness or prevention of ACL, Achilles, & other  player related injuries.

"The body, the game. It's all mechanics. If your ankle is off, it can throw you knee off. If your knee is off it can throw your back off. ... All these can throw your shot off. . 
Shaquille O'Neal  - Future NBA All of Game Center


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