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Get ready to ignite the track with passion, speed, and excellence! 

Our youth track and field club, powered by the cutting-edge technology of RunRite, welcomes athletes in grades 4 through 12 to embark on a thrilling journey of athletic development and camaraderie.

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Our team environment


🌟 What Sets Us Apart:

  • RunRite Technology: Experience the future of athletic training with state-of-the-art RunRite technology, ensuring personalized coaching and performance optimization for every young athlete.

  • Comprehensive Training: From sprints and hurdles to jumps and throws, our club offers comprehensive training in various track and field events, tailored to individual skill levels.

  • Expert Coaching: Our dedicated coaches bring a wealth of experience and passion, guiding athletes through proper technique, strength training, and mental conditioning to unlock their full potential.

  • Youth Empowerment: We believe in fostering a sense of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, empowering young athletes to not only excel on the track but also in life.

🏆 Key Program Features:

  • Grade-Appropriate Divisions: Tailored programs for athletes in grades 4 through 12, ensuring age-appropriate training and competition.

  • Event Specialization: Athletes have the opportunity to specialize in their preferred track and field events or explore a range of disciplines for a well-rounded skill set.

  • Regular Competitions: Participate in exciting local and regional competitions, providing a platform for growth, achievement, and exposure.


Join the Nevada Heat Family: Become part of a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates each achievement, no matter how big or small. The Youth Nevada Heat Track & Field Club is not just about races; it's about fostering a lifelong love for athletics and building friendships that last a lifetime.

👟 Unleash the Heat! Ready to unleash your potential? Lace up those spikes and join us in creating a legacy of speed, strength, and sportsmanship. The Youth Nevada Heat Track & Field Club is where champions are born! 🔥


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Reach Out to Us!

Open Tryouts Year Round. Contact us to discover how you can improve your opportunities in track & field!


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