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Attend one of our FREE seminars on injury prevention, improving running speed and other health and fitness topics led by Fitness From the Ground Up radio and tv show host and sports kinesiologist Zig Ziegler. As an attendee, you may be a part of our network radio or new television show (Click here for more info)

Sports Performance

Want to improve your Running Performance? Want to get more out of your Fitness or Sports Performnance ?


Using small biomechanics sensors placed on each leg, our RunRite assessments identify your running efficiency level by measuring your body's strengths and weaknesses affecting your running technique and performance. Similar sensors are used as part of our proprietary FitRite Overhead Squat Assessment identifies how your body will function while performing complex movements like sQuats, power cleans, vertical leap and more.   We guarantee improvement based on the results of your RunRite or FitRite analysis.

Corrective Exercise

Have you struggled to permanently eliminate pain anywhere in your body? Have you had one or more surgeries to at least one joint related to "degenerative disease", chronic pain, or long term injury? If so, our corrective exercies program begins with a 3D assessment or your motion to identify the root cause of your symptom. That's right pain is a symptom which appears for many different reason. Let us assist you in discovering the root cause and improve how your body moves!  


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